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Activate Your Customers to Conduct Mystery Shops on Your Behalf

Send your real customers on undercover missions to:

  • Report on store conditions and associate behaviors
  • Provide detailed feedback on new store concepts
  • Combine objective and subjective insights
  • Drive loyalty and re-engage lapsed customers
  • Encourage purchasing behavior

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Build Scale

Reward customers with in-kind value instead of cash per shop, enabling you to dramatically increase the scale of your mystery shopping program and make it more representative of your real customer base.

Increase Relevance

By recruiting customers directly from your existing database, you ensure all evaluations are conducted by people genuinely knowledgeable about your brand.


Get More Holistic Insights

Combine the power of objective insights - what actually happens in store - with the customer sentiment and market research data typically only found in VoC surveys.

Drive Loyalty

The gamified nature of Stella Pulse Missions creates engaged brand insiders; rewarding them through points or incentives drives loyalty and repeat purchase.


“In all honesty, the best questionnaire I have had. Seamless and smooth and easy to run. Also quite aesthetic and cool!“

– Pulse Customer

“I thought it was a lot of fun! It also made me look at products that I do not typically look at when I shop with the company.”

–Pulse Customer

Create Experiences Your Customers Love

The best way to find out what your customers want is to ask them. Request your no obligation Stella Pulse demo to understand how you can activate your customers to harvest valuable insight on front-line experiences.

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